Learn To Paint With Us!

Create your own painted canvas at Artfully Yours, where fun meets art. A different painting is featured each session, showcasing paintings for both children and adults, and you get to take your artwork home at the end of the session.

The studio is a relaxed environment to discover your inner artist and create fun-filled memories. It's an enriching opportunity for "me time" or to gather with family, friends or colleagues.

Creating your own painted canvas is easy - no talent or experience is necessary. A willingness to try is all you need, we take care of the rest.

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Birthday Parties That Are Artfully Yours!

Each party-goer creates a painting to commemorate your birthday! The package includes a painted 16x20 canvas for each party-goer, party invitations, art instruction for a one-hour class, all supplies, and clean-up. You can also add on an apron and beret for the birthday girl or boy, paint can gift bags for attendees, a private room for opening presents and sharing birthday cake, and a customized birthday painting.

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Parties at Artfully Yours

Looking for a new way to get the girls together?  We love art parties and a private event can be booked just for your group. Contact Stefanie@ArtfullyYoursStudio.com to make the arrangements.

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We've Moved!

Our new studio is located at the Richmond Mall, 830 Eastern Bypass, next to Furniture World. We've still got the same amazing artists and offer the same entertaining art experience, we're just in a new space. The new studio has a warm vibe that we adore. We believe you will like it too.

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Paint Your Pet

This is a special class, lasting three hours and will include two instructors. We've extended the time and added an instructor because you will sketch and paint your pet, with the assistance and guidance of our talented instructors. They will help you through each step, but if you're really uncomfortable sketching your pet, one of our artists can lend a hand. You will need to bring a good picture of your pet, clearly showing the side or angle of them you'd like to paint.

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Which Classes Are Child Friendly?

Most of our classes at 1:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday afternoon are child friendly. There are one or two options during a month for kids mid-week. This means children eight and older should be able to complete the canvas in one hour. Children under eight can give it a try, as long as they bring an assistant with them to help. Assistants aren't charged if they don't paint their own canvas. To check if a painting is child friendly, click on the "enroll" button in the list of classes. The information page will show you the picture, date, cost, length of the class and will indicate if it is child friendly. Adults, please note, the BYOB option is not available during child friendly classes.

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Can Adults Take Child Friendly Classes?

Of course! If you've only got an hour or see a painting you love - absolutely register! We usually have a mix of adults and children in these classes. They are child friendly because they are a little easier and only take an hour to complete.

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