Our Approach

Our primary goal is to encourage people to be creative and have fun with art. We want our studio to be a relaxed, comfortable environment, where creating a painting is easy and fun. This studio is an opportunity for children and adults, both artistically inclined and artistically fearful, to blossom in a creative way.

We do our best to remove any artistic barriers, frustrations or fears you might have about painting or art so that your experience is truly enriching. In addition, creating something on canvas with someone you care about is more than the physical creation. Since opening in 2012, our clients continue to tell us the experience itself creates meaningful connections and lasting memories.   We invite you to give us a try.

To create joyful, social artistic experiences that produce personal works of art.

Inspire and foster creativity, connections and camaraderie through the arts.

To create joyful, social artistic experiences that produce personal works of art.

Meet Our Team

Stefanie Ashley


Stefanie opened the studio in 2012 with a goal of helping others to tap into their creativity.  Her favorite moments at the studio are when adults squeal with delight over something they've just created or she hears,"I had no idea I could do that!"

A Madison County native, Stefanie has a bachelor's and master's degree from Eastern Kentucky University, where she also works as a meeting facilitator and trainer at the Facilitation Center.  She is married to her high school sweetheart, Gillis, and has three sons Austin, Logan and Brennan.

Richmond Register Photo

Jonathan Clark

Lead Artist & Instructor

Jonathan Clark is a professional artist living in Berea, Kentucky with his wife and five children. A descendant of Kentucky pioneers, William and George Rogers Clark, and graduate of Berea College, Jonathan is a founding member of the Berea Artist Accelerator Program, and shows his original artwork in galleries and collections around Kentucky. Jonathan has been an art instructor at Artfully Yours Studio since 2012, where he has painted with countless people in our region.

Jonathan Clark