How Do I Sign Up?

Classes are generally offered Thursday - Sunday and an image of what we are painting each day is featured on our class calendar.  Select the painting you like and reserve your spot.  Reservations are required.

Registration is easy, only asking for a few basic contact details and how many people you'd like to register.  No credit card information is needed to reserve your spot - just pay when you arrive.

You can come alone and make new friends or invite friends along. Either way, just make your online reservation to hold your space. Private parties can be arranged by contacting us with the date, time, selected artwork, and number of people that will be attending.  You can also email or call 1.859.661.0757 to discuss available dates and times.

How Do The Classes Work?

We provide all the tools you need to create your painting, including the canvas, paints, easel, brushes and an apron.  Everything is set-up for you when arrive, including the specific brushes and paint colors you will need for your painting.

And most importantly, we also provide a professional artist to explain and demonstrate each step.  The artist stands in the front of the room and leads the class through easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on how to create your painting.  Everyone, including the artist, starts with a blank canvas.  The artist explains and demonstrates each step, frequently checking with guests to make sure they don't need any assistance.  A finished 'master' of what the class is painting is featured at the front of the room for easy reference throughout the class.  You take your artwork home with you immediately following the class.

Does Everyone Paint the Same Thing?

Everyone paints the same image, but each painting will be unique - you make it Artfully Yours.  You can follow the instructions exactly or branch out on your own and try something different. Even if you go a direction you're not happy with, just let our artist know and they can help you explore your options.

How Long Are The Sessions?

The length of time needed to create a painting will vary from one to three hours, depending on the selected painting.  When you register, the class calendar provides a general estimate on how long it takes to complete the painting.  However, these are guidelines and some painters will finish more quickly and some will need a little extra time. Our Gallery of images also provides time estimates.

What are Templates?

The major components of the painting can be transferred onto the canvas using graphite paper, which can be a helpful guideline as you paint.  (It's especially helpful with tricky images or letters.)  They are completely optional and not all of our paintings have them.  The classes that have templates available are noted in the class calendar.

Are Classes for Adults and/or Children?

Adults and children are welcome to all of our classes.

Is There an Age Minimum?

There's no magic age when children are ready, so we leave it up to the parent/guardian. If this is the first time your child is taking a class, we do suggest starting with a one hour class.

Our instructors are excellent with children of all ages, but we do ask that children younger than eight be accompanied by an assistant that is at least 13. "Assistants" do not pay for a session if they are just helping a younger child. However, if they paint their own canvas they will need to pay for the session.