Most of our classes range between $25-$35 per person. Prices are based on the estimated length of time it takes to complete a painting.  While this is just an estimate and how we categorize our paintings, we recognize some painters will finish more quickly and some will need a little extra time.  Regardless, the price remains the same, even if it takes you longer to complete a painting.

Our calendar of classes shows each painting and when you select 'View Details', you will be directed to a page with more information about the painting, including the cost.

Parties are priced based on the length of the class you choose and we don't charge any additional fees for a private party.  For more information about parties, visit our party page.

Owl Eyes

One Hour Classes: $25

Owl Eyes is an example of a one hour class.  For more examples, visit our One Hour Classes Gallery.

Eiffel Tower

Two Hour Classes: $35

Eiffel Tower is an example of a two hour class.  For more examples, visit our Two Hour Classes Gallery.

Country Bouquet

Three Hour Classes: $45

Country Bouquet is an example of a three hour class.  For more examples, visit our Three Hour Classes Gallery.

Bourbon Barrel Lids

Specialty Classes: Varies

These bourbon barrel lids are an example of one of our specialty classes.  The prices range depending on the type of project, but all prices are marked on the calendar.  (Bourbon barrel  lids are $75.)  For more examples, visit our Gallery

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